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I’m going to cry.

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On September 22, 2004. The history of television was changed, when Jack Shephard opened his eyes. Twenty million viewers were captivated with this roller coaster of emotions. And the show’s mysteries kept many of us fascinated for the next six years. But today, we are celebrating the premiere of this show aired 10 years ago. Fans from all over the world still appriciate and help to keep the island light on for many years to come.

L O S T may have ended but N E V E R forgotten (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

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As an unknown actor in the early ’50s, Paul Newman fought to play Hal Carter, the lead role in William Inge’s Pulitzer Prize–winning play Picnic. But the director wasn’t convinced Newman’s physique was fit enough for Hal, who appears naked from the waist up in most of his scenes. Eventually, Newman worked his way up to the from a supporting role, garnering critical acclaim and jump-starting his legendary acting career. Fast forward sixty years later to another relatively unknown actor, Sebastian Stan, a Romanian import best known for stint as Sigourney Weaver’s son in Political Animals and his supporting role in Captain America: The First Avenger. Like Newman, Stan was gunning for the lead in Captain America, but he was offered the role of the hero’s comparatively less-buff sidekick instead. Judging from the current state of his six-pack abs, however, he clearly didn’t have any trouble convincing director Sam Gold that he was ripped enough for Picnic’s Hal. x

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This is from behind the scenes of shooting the pilot, but it could easily be Danno smiling like a goof at Steve over something dirty.

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“Was Olicity ever a plan from the beginning of Arrow or was it a response to the fans’ approval as Arrow progressed?  It was a reaction to the chemistry between Stephen and Emily.” - Marc Guggenheim

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I don’t understand why sex is more shocking than violence.

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I have recognized this 😳

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First table read February 19 2010

The most important character for me to meet was Danno. Scott and I actually met that day. I read with all these other actors and that day Scott arrived in Hawaii and I was like “Oh, Hey!” — Alex O’Loughlin



my hedgehogs think that they’re muffins

If you don’t think you need hedgehog muffins on your blog you are probably wrong, and need to sort out your priorities.